Canada Winter Games organizers wrestled with Mother Nature over the weekend, after snowstorms striking central and eastern Canada delayed flights for athletes and officials travelling to and from Whitehorse.

The weekend marked the turnaround point for the Games, which started Feb. 23 and run until March 10. While all athletes were expected to be in the Yukon by Saturday, a number of them — including about 30 from Prince Edward Island — didn't make it until late Sunday afternoon due to flight delays.

Fredericton squash referee Allan Reid arrived in Whitehorse eight hours behind schedule Saturday — and some of his luggagewasmissing.

"There's lost luggage all over the country," Reid said Sunday. "A guy tried to cheer me up in Vancouver, said it should all be sorted out within a week."

Reid said he missed an Air North connection in Vancouver because of the flight delays out east. He was set to take the next Air Canada flight to Whitehorse, but he said Air North insisted that he wait in Vancouver for its next flight.

"A two-hour stopover turned into a seven-hour stopover," he said. "We had to chase our luggage. I still don't have all of mine. So when we finally got in it was 10:30 or 11 [Saturday] night. We were expected to be in at2 in the afternoon."

Organizers say they won't let the weather ruin anyone's Games.

Squash venue official Bill Curtis said Sunday that matches missed due to flight issues will be fit in throughout the week.

"We want to make sure that they get the best possible experience here," he said. "So there's really no hassle whatsoever. We have very talented people to redraft the schedule and we're well on our way now."

Cold temperatures in the Yukon have delayed the start of the Dene Games from Sunday to Monday.