Heavy winds in Iqaluit are taking their toll on the city's street signs, which cost hundreds of dollars each to replace.

"A typical stop sign might be a $300 item," said Keith Couture, director of Public Works with the City of Iqaluit.

"If you factor that over six to eight times every storm you're getting into a bit of money."

Couture says about a half-dozen signs were lost after the 120 km/h winds on Monday night.

Iqaluit windstorm Jan. 27 2014

Keith Couture of the City of Iqaluit says about a half-dozen street signs were lost after the 120 km/h winds on Monday night. (CBC)

He says city crews make their rounds when the weather breaks to remove and replace damaged signs. Signs that are bent or slanted, the city sometimes waits to fix until spring so they don't break in the cold.

He says road signs in Nunavut are expensive because many are trilingual and iridescentThe city is in the process of changing all its signs to be trilingual