William Greenland

William Greenland was nominated for Best Flute Album. 'It's a really beautiful feeling.' (Indigenous Music Awards)

William Greenland and Geronimo Paulette, both musicians from the N.W.T., have been nominated for the Indigenous Music Awards.

"It's a really beautiful feeling," says Greenland, who is Gwich'in and has been playing the flute for five years.

"I think about the Northwest Territories artists that were nominated in the past, the experience that they had being nominated for this and now I know what it feels like."

Greenland, originally from Inuvik, was nominated in the Best Flute Album category for his first album, The Journey Beyond.

Although flute is not a traditional instrument of the North, Greenland has a wide audience in the territory.

Beatrice Deer Fox

Beatrice Deer's new 7-track EP, 'Fox', is nominated for Best Album Design. (Submitted by Beatrice Deer)

"It doesn't matter where it comes from. You can adapt it to your culture," Greenland says.

"It's relaxing. People tell me that it's spiritual. It works anywhere in the world and it fits perfect up here."

Paulette, of Fort Smith, N.W.T., is up for Best Instrumental CD for his debut album, Hard Road out of Hell.

Beatrice Deer of Quaqtaq, Nunavik, has been nominated for Best Album Cover Design for her album, Fox.

The awards, formerly the Aboriginal Peoples' Choice Awards, recognize recording artists for their excellence.

You can vote for your favourite artists online on the Indigenous Music Awards website

The awards event will take place September 9  to 13 in Winnipeg.