Yukoners are being asked to keep an eye out for whooping cough after five cases have been confirmed in the territory.

The acting chief medical officer of health, Dr. Sharon Lazeo, said all five cases link back to the Yukon Native Hockey Tournament, which took place in late March. All those who are ill were either participants in the tournament, or family members of participants.

The outbreak is also directly linked to the current outbreak in B.C. where there is one confirmed case.

"We have begun contact tracing for all the individuals who may have come into contact with the Yukon case and the one case in B.C.," said Lazeo in a release.

Lazeo said parents should keep an eye out for signs of the illness in children.

Whooping cough, which is also known as pertussis, is a contagious lung and throat disease. It is caused by bacteria and spread when a person with the disease coughs or sneezes the germ into the air. It takes seven to 10 days to develop symptoms after a person has been infected.

Lazeo said people can call 811 or contact their local health centre for more information. They can also go to the emergency department at the Whitehorse General Hospital.