A Whitehorse woman who stole a bottle of vodka from the Roadhouse Off Sales store has been given a six-month community sentence.

Jamie Lee Gatensby was in Yukon territorial court Thursday for sentencing on several liquor-related offences.

In September 2011, Gatensby walked into the Roadhouse Off Sales store and asked for a bottle of vodka. Friends waited outside in her idling car. After her debit card failed, Gatensby walked out with the vodka pursued by an angry clerk.

She eventually threw him the bottle which bounced off his shoulder and smashed in the parking lot. When the clerk stood in front of her vehicle to block her escape, Gatensby drove into him, injuring his ankle.

The vodka theft, and dangerous driving to flee from the scene netted Gatensby a six-month sentence to be served in the community with conditions, and six months of probation.

Additional charges stemmed from crashing her vehicle, running from police, and refusing to take a breathalyzer. Those charges carry an automatic $1,000 fine, and a driving suspension for two and half years.

Gatensby says she's been sober for six months.