Whitehorse woman accuses boss of sexual harassment

Yukon Human Rights adjudicators have begun a hearing into a Whitehorse woman's allegations of harassment while working at a sports store.

Yukon's Human Rights adjudicators have begun a hearing into allegations of sexual harassment by a Whitehorse woman against her boss.

Devon Hanson was 18 and in Grade 12 at the time she says the harassment happened while she was working part-time at the Intersport sports store in Whitehorse.

The accused, Mark Hureau, was her basketball coach and her boss at the store. Hureau is 25 years older than Hanson.

Hanson says he sent her unwanted text messages and emails. She says at first the emails were all about basketball, but in February 2010, she testified they starting getting "weird and personal."

Late night texts from Hureau confessed to a "ridiculous crush" and "I like you from top to bottom."

Hanson says she was eventually so "creeped out" by the messages, she quit her job.

Hureau denies the allegations and says the texts were taken out of context.

Both sides plan to call numerous witnesses in what's scheduled to be a 10-day hearing.