About a dozen campaign signs of Conservative MP candidate Ryan Leef have been vandalized in the Whitehorse area.

Leef's campaign manager, Darren Parsons, says two large signs and about 10 lawn signs have been wrecked. He says the vandal or vandals took the trouble to cut the centre out of the signs. 

Parsons encourages whoever has done this to use their energy in a more constructive manner. 

"If they feel that passionately about it, I would encourage them to reach out to one of the campaign teams and just volunteer on that campaign team, support the candidate, support the issues that they hold near and dear and that's just a better way to put those passions to work."

Parsons reminds the vandals that it is an offence to vandalize election campaign signs.

He says the damage was done about a week ago, in the Mayo Road cut-off area, at the junction of the Alaska and North Klondike Highways.

Parsons says the Leef campaign didn't make an issue of the vandalism when it happened; he just hopes it doesn't happen again.