Yukon runners take note — there's a new game in town. Or at least there will be, this summer.

The "Reckless Raven Yukon 50 Mile Ultra" promises to be a challenging event for trail runners. It'll be a gruelling 80 kilometre race on rugged trails around Whitehorse, over sometimes mountainous terrain.

But the panoramic views with be worth any pain, organizers say.

"We thought, yeah, why not go for it?" said Virginia Sarrazin, who came up with the idea for a new race.

Ultramarathons — essentially, any footrace longer than a traditional 42-kilometre marathon — are growing in popularity, and Yukon is already a mecca for athletic adventurers.

"People think of us as this beautiful unknown, and then they come up here and it's even more than words can explain in that sense, because they see our daylight and they look at our trails, and they realize how outdoors-y we are," said Erica Van Vlack, who is helping organize the race. 

Reckless Raven Yukon

The race's organizing committee: Erica Van Vlack, John Carson, Virginia Sarrazin, Stephan Atmanspacher, Bronwyn Benkert, Maggie Wright. (Submitted by Virginia Sarrazin)

"The Yukon will definitely be a draw to get an ultra going."

Organizers expect mainly Yukon and Alaska runners to register, until the race builds a reputation. 

Runners can register solo, or in teams of two. Registration will be capped at 50 solo runners, and 25 teams.

The race begins ​July 2, in Whitehorse.