Whitehorse to delay proposed subdivision for next 10 years

Whitehorse city council has voted to put off planning for the Porter Creek D subdivision for the next eight to 10 years.

Councillors decided Porter Creek D should not be planned until Whistle Bend is 75 per cent full

Whitehorse city councillors have adopted a recommendation from staff to put the Porter Creek D subdivision on hold until another subdivision is 75 per cent full. (CBC)

Whitehorse city council has voted to officially put off planning for the Porter Creek D subdivision.

City Council has adopted a staff recommendation to put the development off until another subdivision, Whistle Bend, is about 75 per cent full. That could take eight to 10 years.

The proposal to develop the green belt between Takhini North and Porter Creek has always been controversial, and less demand for residential lots right now has reduced pressure to develop the land.

Councillor John Streiker noted there is tension between the need for more affordable housing and the desire to protect green space from development.

Streiker said the public doesn’t have enough confidence in the planning process to deal with Porter Creek D.

"It's not the moment, I don't think we have the trust of the community at this moment to go into that planning process and so I think administration’s recommendation to put it off to a much later date is a fair one," he said.

But some councillors have misgivings about not settling the issue one way or another.

Councillor Jocelyn Curteanu said people wanting park status for what's also known as mid-McIntyre Creek should not give up.

"Hopefully they will take up that fight in the future, but I think it's just really important for us to protect that right now," she said.

Councillor Mike Gladish was also disappointed the decision on Porter Creek D's future was delayed.

"I did have a vision of some affordable housing possibly going into that area. I know it's not what people want to hear."

But Gladish decided it was time to compromise by putting off a long-term decision.