The City of Whitehorse is cutting capital spending by more than 10 million dollars.

The proposed capital budget was presented to council on Monday night at city hall.

The cut in spending does not mean a cut in taxes. City Manager Stan Westby said instead, the city plans to put the money aside for a future project.

Westby said the city is looking to sell off some of its old buildings and construct a larger, more centralized facility.

"Consolidating many of our municipal buildings is a key priority in this budget. The reason for this is simple, many of our buildings are in poor shape, are terribly energy inefficient, they are poorly located and we believe locating the bulk of our service units under one roof would result in cost and energy savings," he said.

The city also plans to widen the bridge to Riverdale, put sidewalks on Centennial Road in Porter Creek, and repair some road, water and sewer systems.

The city is posting its proposed $14 million budget on its webpage today.

City taxpayers will get their say on the proposal — they can mail or e-mail their comments to the city. There is also a public meeting scheduled for Jan. 14.