Whitehorse tenant blames eviction on complaints

Kristina Rough believes her family is being evicted because she asked for repairs to a substandard apartment that she calls a health hazard.

Kristina Rough says landlord sent eviction notice after she asked for repairs

A Whitehorse woman who is being evicted from her Skyline apartment unit says she believes it's because she had complained about substandard conditions there.

Kristina Rough said she asked for repairs, but she instead got a rent increase for the second year in a row.

Kristina Rough of Whitehorse believes her family is being evicted because she complained about the substandard conditions in her Skyline apartment. (CBC)

She went to a local newspaper with pictures of holes in her wall and black mould in her bedrooms and bathroom.

After going public with her concerns about the lack of repairs, Rough said she received a 30-day eviction notice.

Rough said tenants need protection from landlords because they have no recourse.

"I really feel that it's the fact that I went to the media and exposed my unit. I truly believe that is why we're being evicted," she said.

"The letter does not say that, because you cannot evict somebody for their opinions."

Rough said the eviction letter stated that she and her family must leave so the apartment can be repaired. It does not indicate whether they can return after the work is done.

The building’s manager, Ken Schick, said he would consider letting Rough move back into the unit once it is renovated.

"I don't know when I'm going to be finished [with] it. I have to get in there and get started on the work," he said.

Built in the 1970s, the building has stained carpets, a rotting balcony and an aging kitchen. The front doors don't lock and the walls have holes in them.

Schick said he is installing a new exterior door to the building's entrance to improve security. He said he is also planning to replace carpeting in common areas.

Rough said she was concerned for her three children because she did not consider the apartment's condition to be healthy or safe, especially after her eldest son was hospitalized for bronchitis in January.

"Having things like black mould is not going to make things any better for him. In fact, it’s going to make it worse," she said.

Rough has already found another place to live. She plans to move into the new apartment on Aug. 1.