Whitehorse taxi driver charged with sexual assault, kidnapping

RCMP say two women complained to police this week, each saying they had been sexually assaulted while passengers in Jaspal Singh Tamber's cab.

25-year-old Jaspal Singh Tamber is accused of assaulting women in his cab, in two separate incidents

A 25-year-old man in Whitehorse has been charged with sexual assault and kidnapping, after two women reported being assaulted last week in the taxi he was driving.

Jaspal Singh Tamber is accused of approaching the victims in his cab, in two separate incidents on Friday, Sept. 29.

RCMP say both women, aged 30 and 19, complained to police on Oct. 3, each saying they had been sexually assaulted while passengers in Tamber's taxi. The younger woman told police she had been driven to a rest area and assaulted.   

Both victims told police that Tamber had approached them in his taxi while they were walking, and identified himself as "Jazz". They said he offered them rides, even after being told they didn't have money for a cab.

Tamber was arrested later on Oct. 3.

He's charged with two counts of sexual assault, and one count of kidnapping in relation to the younger woman's complaint.

Police say there may be other victims or witnesses who have not yet come forward. They're asking anybody with information to contact police at 667-5555.

Sexual assaults can also be reported to RCMP via third-party reporting.