Whitehorse ski hill wants core funding from city council

Society that runs hill wants supporters to pack city council chamber
Society wants supporters to pack city council chamber. (Jennifer Geens/CBC)

The society that runs the Mount Sima ski hill in Whitehorse is asking the city council for core funding it says would ensure its long-term survival.

Supporters are being urged to come to city hall for Monday night's council meeting to back the request. The president of the Great Northern Ski Society, Craig Hougen, said Mount Sima is looking for a long-term funding deal with the city.

Previous funding requests from the ski society to the city have run into heavy opposition from members of the public. And some councilors have expressed frustration with the society for making financial requests.

But Hougen said it's becoming a major facility for both locals and tourists.

"We've had a record number of season's passes sold this year, we've had record attendance this year, our winter camps at spring break are double in size from last year and they're all sold out," he said.

"People realize that Mount Sima is important to the community in all kinds of ways, and now it's important to the tourism sector as well, with the summer business," he said.

"It's grown as you know from a small operation five years ago to something that's going to host 25 to 30 thousand visits this year."

One Sima supporter has posted on the internet it won't open next winter without city support.

Hougen won’t  provide details of what Sima is proposing until Monday night's city council meeting. He said it's in line with how similar ski hills across Canada are typically funded.