People with a stake in the future of Whitehorse’s Mount Sima ski area will be going behind closed doors later this month to find a way down a steep financial slope.

Ski area managers say they need an extra $400,000 or they won't be able to open their summer attractions and may not be able to offer any skiing next winter.

As a director of the non-profit society that operates the ski hill, Patti Balsillie has a stake in the outcome of the talks and she says only people with a direct stake are being invited to take part in the talks.

"A larger group of open public would take away from the productivity that's going to need to happen," she said.

However, Balsillie said the board does want to hear from other Yukoners especially if they have any ideas that might help.

"They can talk to any member of the board of directors, representatives from sport and rec, or the Cty of Whitehorse," she said.

Balsillie said she is hoping the ball will start rolling rapidly following the meetings.

She said unless something happens soon, Mount Sima will be closed for the summer and may not be able to open next winter.