The board of directors for Whitehorse’s Mount Sima ski hill has called a public meeting to look for ways to save the winter season.

Board members are still planning to quit, but they must first pay off almost $250,000 in debts, by selling non-essential assets at Mount Sima.

Rob Fendrick, a City of Whitehorse representative on the board, said it will be easier to attract new members if the ski hill is debt-free.

"Really it's unreasonable that a new director would come on board with those liablilities so the thought and theory is those would be cleared off. But in any event it requires new players and new persons to carry on to the next evolution of Mount Sima, whatever that may be."

Fendrick said the board hopes to tap into the public outpouring of support it has heard since operations were mothballed last week.The board said a plan must be in place by Sept. 1 if the hill is to operate this winter.

Next week's meeting is set for Wednesday at the Mount Sima Ski Hill chalet.