Operators of the Mount Sima ski hill in Whitehorse say they need a decision on a bailout from the city by June 21.

The Great Northern Ski Society says it’s incurring debts as discussions on a bailout move along. They say talks are almost at an impasse and they're still looking at $342,000 immediately to keep the hill open.

The society would need another $268,000 for next season.

Lee Vincent, a board member of the society, says the Yukon Government will help but it requires a decision from the city.

"It will come down to the city's senior management on Wednesday night and then if they have any clarifying questions for a few days after that making a decision by June 21 saying ‘yes the hill will run and we'll support it and we'll collaborate to do that' and they'll give the nod to the Yukon government, or they'll say ‘no,’ Vincent said.

"And then a different task force or a different set of work will have to happen."

Saying no is not a big money saver either. The board estimates it would cost $193,000 to maintain a mothballed ski hill.