Parts of the new cross-country ski trail at Mount McIntyre are 2.5 metres wide. Trails wider than 1.5 metres need to go through an environmental screening before they're made. (CBC)

The Whitehorse Cross-Country Ski Club has been fined $1,500 and ordered to do clean-up work along a trail it built without permits.

The club pleaded guilty in court Tuesday on two separate charges in connection with the trail.   

The ski club blamed some enthusiastic volunteers who pitched in to build the new "Skyline" trail between the top of Mount McIntyre and the Fish Lake road.

The trail was supposed to be less than 1.5 metres wide, but in some places it's more than twice that. The club had opted for the smaller size trail because it wouldn't require a land use permit.

Whatever the size of trail, the club required a forestry permit to cut down trees. It didn't have any permits for the work and it admitted as much in court.

The Ski Club says it won't happen again.

The trail clean-up work will be supervised by forestry officers under a court order.