Whitehorse road crews race to clear snow months early

Crews will be working all weekend and maybe through the nights to clear Whitehorse streets after above-zero temperatures turned the city's heavy snowpack into slush.

Spring-like temperatures have turned heavy snow into deep slush

CBC's Brian Boyle reports 1:45

Record-breaking warm temperatures are making a mess of Whitehorse streets as above-zero temperatures for the last few days have turned an already above-average snowpack into huge mounds of slush.

Whitehorse city engineer Dave Muir says that leaves the city with no alternative except clearing all the snow from every street in the city.

That task would normally take crews about two months to complete in the spring. Now, they'll be working all weekend and may be working through the nights.

"The idea right now is to get every road cleaned up because... even worse conditions will happen when the pack just freezes to the roads," he said. "We'll have to get the ice blades out and it will be even harder for us to remove the snow."

The city is advising drivers to gauge the street. If it looks dicey, park and walk, or take transit if possible.

In case of an emergency, Muir says city equipment is on hand to escort or plow for ambulance or fire truck access.