Yukon conservation officers are pleading with Whitehorse residents to secure their garbage and compost bins after another bear was killed last week.

The male black bear was stalking the conservation officer who responded to a call from a McLean Lake Road resident. The officer had to shoot the animal.

Bear traps are out in the nearby Copper Ridge neighbourhood after officials got reports of bear activity in the area.

Conservation officer Ken Alderson said bears are getting used to easy food and are losing their fear of humans.

"Garbage has to be secured so the bears cannot get access to them. You know, the bears have actually gone into the subdivisions, it's not just by the greenbelt, they're walking streets over," said Alderson.

Alderson said bears will continue to eat garbage as long as it's available. He said people should ensure their garbage and compost bins are secured.

Bears have been a problem in Whitehorse all summer. Last month, the Yukon government even set up a website which tracks problem bears in the city in order to encourage residents to be bear-smart.