A downtown Whitehorse resident has been evicted from an apartment under the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act.

Jeff Ford, who oversees the justice department's Safer Communities investigative unit, says it determined that illegal drugs were being sold at the residence.

"As with other cases we could reasonably infer from this one there was controlled substances, drugs, in this case we think crack cocaine, being sold from the property, and used on the property and probably distributed into the community from the property," he said. "But we also had evidence of calls to the RCMP, related violence on the property, alleged assaults."

Ford says the four-month investigation began after complaints from area residents.

He says the tenant was given five days to leave and is now gone.

Neither the name of the tenant nor the address has been released.

The justice department says its the fourth eviction under SCAN legislation in the past six months. Three of the four have been in downtown Whitehorse.