Whitehorse RCMP step up street enforcement

Police have charged two men after a foot patrol using uniform and plainclothes officers saw a drug deal go down on Wood Street Friday night.

10 people taken into custody for drunkenness during two days of patrols

Whitehorse RCMP are hoping to curb liquor violations by making special patrols in the downtown area.

Const. Christine Grant said the special patrols have been out on two days so far. One was in late June and another last week.

On Friday officers saw a drug deal going down on Wood Street. They've charged one man with cocaine trafficking and a second is facing a possession charge.

Grant said the boldness of the drug traffickers is disturbing.

"That sort of thing is unsettling to the public because if they're seeing it ... Things like that used to be hidden away. It's often thought of these things happening in back alleys and places where no one can see."

Grant said the patrols are in response to public concerns about drinking and drug activities.

Officers in uniform and in plainclothes patrolled the downtown core and waterfront area in vehicles and on foot.

"We seem to be having issues with offences under the Liquor Act such as openly drinking in public or public intoxication," she said.

Grant said officers dealt with 50 people during the two days of enforcement. Ten people were taken into custody because of gross intoxication.

She said the patrols will continue.