Whitehorse RCMP lay drug charges during street patrols

RCMP street level patrols in downtown Whitehorse have resulted in drug and violence related charges.

The RCMP said they are continuing their efforts at street level enforcement in downtown Whitehorse.

Business people and others have complained about drug dealing, drinking and violent behavior all happening out in the open on downtown streets.

The police said several drug arrests were made on Thursday and Friday.

Officers saw a drug transaction occurring outside a hotel.  A man was arrested and found to have cocaine and marijuana. He was charged with trafficking.

Another alleged drug pusher was seen to be selling drugs on the street, arrested and then charged.

Also, police said when they pulled over a vehicle on a traffic matter some marijuana was in plain sight. Trafficking charges were laid in that incident.

Plainclothes officers also witnessed a woman hitting a man at a downtown intersection. The woman was charged with assault and the man was arrested for breaching a court order. Police said alcohol was a factor.