Whitehorse RCMP are investigating four recent vehicle thefts, three of which were stolen from the Riverdale neighbourhood.

Vanessa Selman's car disappeared from her home in Riverdale a little over a week ago.

"They broke into it, hot-wired it and took off with it," she said.

Her car was found the next day on Long Lake Road, she said, "burnt to a crisp."

This weekend a black Dodge Dakota and a grey Nissan were both stolen from Riverdale.

Police found what they believe to be a stolen car on Burns Road. They found a blue Pontiac Firebird and are now trying to locate the car's owner.

Const. Dean Hoogland says officers were called out to the location because of suspicious activity.

He believes the thefts are unrelated.

"At this time we have nothing in way of the investigation to show that they are linked to each other."

Hoogland says all four investigations are ongoing.