Whitehorse city planners are recommending the controversial Porter Creek D subdivision be delayed indefinitely.

They say the need is not as great as it was before, and that another subdivision, Whistle Bend, should be three-quarters full before any more planning for the McIntyre Creek area takes place.

They predict that could as be as long as ten years or more.

Senior planner Mike Ellis said a big reason is that private developers stepped forward with far more lots than expected.

Now, city planners have laid out four options for Porter Creek D – from moving ahead with the subdivision, to calling off the development altogether. Planners are recommending that the project be kept alive, for now, but that no planning take place until there is more need.

Councillor Dave Stockdale wondered why the planners didn't go one step further and offer an option to create a park in the area instead.

"From a public meeting, there was a strong feeling, a lot of people talking about a park, designating that area a park. Why was that not put down as a fifth option," he asked.

Ellis said the options given to council were related to planning for future housing needs.

He said if the council wants to create a park in Porter Creek D, there's a separate process for that.

City council will pick one of the four options, or ask for more choices, at its meeting next week.