Participants in the Idle No More march in Whitehorse on Friday are looking for the owner of a blue pickup truck with a snowmobile in the back.

More than 200 people marched down Second Avenue as part of a nation-wide event. Some say a truck of that description came dangerously close to them.

David Jensen, who works with at-risk youth, was one of the participants in the march. He said it came within six inches of him and it was travelling quickly, with the driver angrily leaning on his horn. He added that the truck sped by marchers on two occasions.

"There were kids there and elders and families. There's one thing about voicing your displeasure, but reckless endangerment is a whole other thing," he said. "When you do make a statement there is an element of risk. You sign up for it. But, like I said, it doesn't give people an excuse to break the law in that manner."

Jensen said RCMP officers were not at the rally, but he hopes others will be able to identify the individual or his vehicle.