RCMP in Whitehorse are looking for a man involved in a hit and run in the downtown on Saturday. The man allegedly hit another small vehicle with his 2000 Dodge Ram before driving away.

Police are blaming the accident on "road rage".

The man driving the Ram allegedly cut off a woman driving a 2010 Kia Forte on Second Avenue, early Saturday afternoon. Police say the woman then followed the other vehicle, exchanging words and gestures with the other driver. 

The man reportedly stopped his vehicle to confront the woman in the Kia. Police say the woman then drove away, with the man in the Ram following. The woman then suddenly braked, and was hit by the other vehicle.

The male driver fled before police arrived. The woman in the Kia was treated for minor injuries.

"This appears to be a case of road rage that escalated to vehicular damage," says RCMP Cpl. Natasha Dunmall, in a news release.

Police are asking the driver of the Dodge Ram to come forward, along with anyone who may have witnessed the incident.