A Whitehorse musher was given the Vet's Choice award Saturday night at the Yukon Quest  Sled Dog race finish banquet in Fairbanks, Alaska. Normand Casavant was recognized for exceptional dog care on the trail.

The race did not start off well for Casavant. He had to drop four of his 14 dogs at the Pelly Crossing checkpoint during the first half of the race. But he said his commitment to keeping his dogs healthy paid off in the long run.

"As you know, we finished seventh, and we finished with the same ten dogs we had in Pelly so that was really wonderful, really wonderful. My  priority, it was the dogs and we did it," Casavant said.

Brent Sass picked up the Sportsmanship Award. Scott Smith was named Rookie of the Year. Yellowknife musher Dyan Bergen received the Red Lantern Award for her last place finish.