Yukon Quest musher Susan Rogan of Whitehorse made it into Fairbanks just before 2 a.m. Wednesday after adding kilometres to her journey by taking a wrong turn in the dark.


Whitehorse musher Susan Rogan at the Yukon Quest's Dawson City checkpoint. Rogan arrived at the finish line in Fairbanks early Wednesday morning after losing the trail for a few hours on the final leg. (Heather Avery/CBC)

Rogan lost the trail for a few hours Tuesday night. She said she thought about scratching from the race, but eventually found her way back.

Rogan said she was overwhelmed by the kindness people showed her when she lost her way.

"They were watching on the Spot tracker and they came out on little Ski-Doos to tell me, ‘You better not go any further because there is thin ice; there is open water. You are in a really dangerous place.’

"Another guy was on a dog sled and he stopped and he came over and gave me a big hug and he said, ‘You're turned around now. You are in the right direction. Don't quit, just keep going.’"

Rogan placed 10th in the race, the second woman to arrive at the finish line after Abbie West of Two Rivers, Alaska. Rogan’s husband, former quest champion Hans Gatt, was her handler this year.

Ed Hopkins of Tagish finished in 11th place, arriving around 7 a.m. Wednesday. Crispin Studer of Carcross finished in 13th place about half an hour before noon.

Brian Wilmshurst of Dawson City and Dyan Bergen of Yellowknife are still on the trail.