Whitehorse murder trial opens with undercover video

A video secretly taped by police played in court shows Christina Asp giving a detailed description to an undercover officer of how Gordon Seybold was killed.

Video shows accused telling an undercover officer how her boyfriend beat victim to death

The trial of Christina Asp for the murder of Gordon Seybold in 2008 began Wednesday in Whitehorse with some shocking video tape evidence.

The video secretly taped by police shows Asp giving a detailed description of how Seybold was killed to an undercover officer posing as a crime family boss.

In the grainy black and white video, Asp tells how Seybold was a marijuana grower who had somehow angered her mother.

Asp and her boyfriend visited 63-year-old Seybold one morning to settle Mom's problem. She describes how, over a 10-minute period, her 280-pound boyfriend beat Seybold senseless.  

She describes how she finished him off with a bat to the skull, then waited outside while her boyfriend set fire to the home.

Asp is charged with first degree murder and has pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors outlined their case to the jury of 12 women and two men in opening statements this morning. They say Asp's admissions were made to undercover officers in what they describe as a "Ms. Big"-style operation, and have promised to detail how investigators, posing as gangsters, convinced Asp to make the admissions.

The trial is expected to last three months and 85 witnesses are scheduled to testify.

The trial began Wednesday after a final juror was selected from people subpoenaed on the streets of Whitehorse Tuesday afternoon. Court sheriffs went on the streets to find prospective jurors three times during the jury selection process.