Jurors in a Yukon Supreme Court murder trial are now deliberating the guilt or innocence of Christina Asp, who is charged with first-degree murder for the 2008 death of Gordon Seybold in Whitehorse.

However, jurors were not told that Asp was convicted of manslaughter eight years ago for stabbing her common-law partner to death with a butcher knife. Asp was on parole for that crime when Seybold died.


This photo of Norman Larue and Christina Asp is among photos police seized from Asp's camera shortly after her arrest in 2008. Most show her partying at her mother's home in Whitehorse. (exhibit of the Yukon Supreme Court)

Justice Leigh Gower decided jurors would be prejudiced against Asp if they knew of her criminal record. They're now sequestered and allowed no contact with the outside world until they reach a verdict.

On Thursday, Gower took almost three hours to advise the jury on legal issues and critical evidence in the case before they began deliberations.

Critical to the case is Asp's own admissions about how Seybold died. She told undercover police posing as her crime family employers that she delivered the final blows that killed Seybold.

At trial, however, Asp testified she lied about her role to impress her new bosses. Asp claims she just watched, while her boyfriend Norman Larue beat Seybold to death, then set his house on fire.