People in Whitehorse may soon be able to legally keep backyard chickens.

City council is considering amendments to the animal control bylaw which currently prohibits poultry.

The animals are allowed in most municipalities across Canada. But they are currently forbidden in Yukon’s capital city – something resident Kristina Calhoun discovered last year when she started her own backyard flock.

"The comment by one of the councillors was ‘well, this is a new thing’. Well it may be a new thing for Whitehorse but it’s not a new thing. New York City, Toronto, Vancouver - they all allow urban chickens."

After consulting the public on the issue, council is considering the merits of urban chickens.

If passed, the bylaw would allow residents to keep up to six hens.

Calhoun said the decision is a no-brainer.

"You have the food benefit, you have local organically raised food that, you know, there's no hormones, no antibiotics going into this, you understand where your food's coming from.

"It's like a currency for people too… I was able to give my neighbour a dozen eggs and she'd give me a loaf of bread."

As they sit now, the proposed changes would require neighbours to give their permission for someone to keep hens.

Calhoun said that's unrealistic and unfair.

"I just think, you know, nobody had to come to me and ask if they could have a dog, nobody had to come to me and ask if they could have a cat, tune up their ATV in their yard and have exhaust and noise - nobody comes and knocks on my door and asks 'oh is it okay if I start up my leaf blower now?' It just seems a little bit much."

The amendments have passed first reading at the city, and they will come forward again next month.