Whitehorse mayor Bev Buckway won’t run for a third term, she says levels of government need to work together more. (CBC)

Outgoing Whitehorse mayor Bev Buckway said the various levels of government in Yukon need to work together.

Buckway said while politicians at the federal, territorial, First Nation and municipal levels get together at ceremonies, they rarely discuss issues together.

"As far as having the member of Parliament sit down with the premier, grand chief, municipal leaders and talk about a business item, we don’t do that," she said. "That is a challenge the Yukon needs to overcome."

Buckway credits the entire council for all the accomplishments during her term.

Under her leadership, Whitehorse hosted several major events, completed some large construction projects, developed several subdivisions and saw tremendous growth.

Buckway was first elected in 2006 with a lead of more than five hundred votes. She almost doubled that lead in the 2009 election.

She said she never intended to run for a third term and is looking forward to having more time with family and friends.

The municipal election will be held October 18th. So far, businessman Rick Karp is the only person to announce his candidacy for the city's top job.