Lawyers made their final submissions to jurors in the Christina Asp murder trial in Whitehorse yesterday.

Prosecutors say she's guilty of at least second degree murder in the 2008 death of Gordon Seybold, while her defence lawyer maintains his client did nothing but watch the killing.


This photo of Norman Larue and Christina Asp was among photos police seized from Asp's camera shortly after her arrest in 2008. (exhibit of the Yukon Supreme Court)

Jurors were told they must decide when Christina Asp was telling the truth.

Prosecutors maintain the real story is the one she told four times to a fake crime family, who were actually undercover police officers. Asp gave them a detailed description of how, over a 10-minute period, her 280-pound boyfriend beat Seybold senseless. She described how she finished him off with a bat to the skull, then waited outside while her boyfriend set fire to the home.

The defence says she exaggerated her role in the killing to impress her supposed crime family friends. He said his client did nothing except witness the killing.

Her lawyer reminded jurors of the hard life Asp had living on the streets since age 12. "It's not for sympathy" her lawyer told them, "but to understand how easily she might lie" to the crime family boss.

Prosecutors asked "Why would she risk losing such a great job by lying?" They suggest it made no sense to lie, since the crime family promised to help her clean up evidence she may have left behind.

A co-accused, Asp's boyfriend Norman Larue, awaits trial sometime in the fall.

Asp’s trial is now adjourned until Tuesday. Justice Leigh Gower says he needs the time to prepare his final instructions for the jury before it begins its deliberations.