Whitehorse jurors hear accused murderer's taped confession

In court this week, Whitehorse jurors heard a wire-tapped conversation in which accused murderer Norman Larue confessed to killing Gordon Seybold in 2008.

Conversation between Larue and former girlfriend was taped in August 2009

Prosecutors have wrapped up their case against accused murderer, Norman Larue.

Jurors in the Yukon Supreme Court murder trial are expected to hear from the defense when the trial resumes next week.

Larue's girlfriend, Christina Asp, is already serving a life sentence for her role in the 2008 killing of Gordon Seybold.

Jurors heard secretly taped admissions from both Asp and Larue about the way Seybold died.

Included were admissions to a man they called ‘Uncle’, who was actually an undercover police officer posing as a mobster with a fake crime family the two had befriended.

This week, jurors listened to wire-tapped phone chatter between the pair.

Larue tells Asp that he confessed to killing Seybold. He said ‘Uncle’ laughed and told Larue, "I’m going to like you quite a bit."

Larue continued, saying he told ‘Uncle’ that Asp convinced Larue to bring her along, and that he disposed of the evidence.

Larue said it was funny to him, because he said ‘Uncle’ looked like a police officer.

"When I first met him I was thinking to just drill him and run," said Larue in the taped conversation.

Days later, Larue was preparing for a job interview with the fake crime family’s hit man.

He has just been released from jail and while pondering what to wear for the interview he told Asp that he was happy that he found a ‘perfect’ job, and so soon after getting out of jail.

The conversation was taped in 2009. A few hours later, an RCMP tactical team arrested Larue and Asp.

It's been almost three months since this trial started. Jurors are expecting to hear Larue tell his side of the story when the defense starts its case Monday.