Officials to inspect raided Whitehorse apartment building

Whitehorse city officials say an inspection will be done next week at the Skyline Apartment complex in Riverdale. Territorial investigators recently made a number of drug-related arrests at the building and noticed possible fire and safety code violations.

Riverdale apartment complex raided by police New Year's Eve

The Skyline Apartments will be inspected by city bylaw and fire officials. (Dave Croft/CBC)

The Whitehorse Fire Department will send an inspector in next week, to check for fire and safety code violations at a Riverdale apartment building that was raided by police last week. 

Ten people were arrested and four of them charged with drug trafficking after the New Year's Eve raid at Skyline Apartments. Police also seized $10,000 of marijuana, $1,000 of crack cocaine and $5,000 cash. Tenants from three apartment units are being evicted.

A spokesperson for Yukon's Justice Department said investigators with the government's Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods unit, who were involved with the investigation, noticed potential bylaw and building fire and safety code violations.

"My fire prevention officer will do a very thorough investigation, and then that information will be made available," said fire chief Kevin Lyslo.

He said violations may be relatively small and similar to those found in other apartment buildings, or they could be more serious. Any fire code violations will have to be fixed.

"Normally, we would give them approximately a month to correct anything we've noted as a deficiency, or a code violation, and come back and do a re-inspection."

A city bylaw officer will also look at potential hazards on the building's grounds.

"Things such as dilapidated fences, or appliances that might be out and insecure that, you know, a child could crawl into and suffocate," said bylaw manager Dave Pruden. "There might be stored vehicles that are not registered or insured and might be up on jacks."

The manager of Skyline Apartments, Ken Schick, declined an interview with CBC.


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