Holland America isn't changing its Yukon tour offering, despite the imminent sale of its large hotel in downtown Whitehorse, according to a company spokesperson.  

"We don't think it has any impact at all on how many guests we're going to be bringing through Whitehorse," said Charlie Ball, executive vice president of Holland America land operations.

Whitehorse serves as a stopover location for overland tours between Skagway, Alaska, Dawson City, Yukon and Fairbanks, Alaska. The company says it still plans to use the Westmark Hotel for its customers. 

"This year it looks like our numbers should be up a bit," said Ball.

Holland America is selling its 180-room Westmark Hotel to Holloway Lodging, which also owns the Whitehorse Days Inn. Ball says the sale should close in the next 30 days.

3rd Yukon Westmark to sell since 2012

Ball says selling the Whitehorse hotel allows the cruise ship company to invest its capital in locations where high-quality accommodations aren't available, as well as in its current holdings. 

"Every company has to get a return on its investment, so if we have capital in Whitehorse, it makes it more difficult for us to renovate in the Dawson City hotel, it makes it more difficult for us to take that money and put it somewhere else." 

He says Holland America continues to look at ways to bring more people into Yukon and the Alaska interior. 

"The vast majority of people who chose to travel with us only go as far as the Inside Passage and then turn around." 

The Whitehorse Westmark will be the third Yukon hotel Holland America has sold in recent years. It sold its Klondike Inn in Whitehorse in 2012 and its Beaver Creek hotel in 2014. 

Under the current sale agreement with Holloway, the Westmark will retain its name and Holland America will continue to market and sell rooms.