Whitehorse city council is voting next week on whether to move ahead with the next step in providing curbside recycling in the city.

That would include issuing a request for proposals from interested individuals and groups who want to collect and process recyclables.

A user-pay system is the best way to sustain the recycling industry, according to Shannon Clohosey, the city's manager of Environmental Sustainability.

"Administration is still very concerned about the future viability of recycling in Whitehorse and this program would be a response," Clohosey told council members Monday night.

A study completed in 2014 estimated the cost to the public to be about $15 per household.

City councillor Betty Irwin has concerns over the impact of a new monthly fee on low income earners and seniors. 

"To people on low or fixed incomes this is a big amount," she said. "Fifteen, maybe $20 a month — I really have a problem with this." 

The city went through a similar process last year. It asked for expressions of interest and received responses from three parties.

However, the decision was made to start over again because of last fall's city election and other changed circumstances.