Whitehorse city councillors approved a motion Monday night to look into all government money that the Mount Sima ski hill has received as well as the hill's finances.

Mayor Dan Curtis says the city needs a clearer picture of Sima's books. 


"It's not to do a witch hunt," he said. "It's just to ensure that we have a system in place so that we don't have these pitfalls in the future." 

Councillors voted to hire a third-party auditor to tally all government spending over the last few years. The City of Whitehorse could spend up to $15,000 on the investigation.

Councillor John Streicker voted in favour of the motion.

"Even if it was all done perfectly well, then the audit would reveal that there weren't mistakes," he said. "I feel there's enough questions for us to seek clarity on this." 

Deputy mayor Jocelyn Curteanu also supported the motion. 

"I'm totally supportive of this audit, because although it's not as comprehensive as a forensic audit, it could give us an idea of where things started to go wrong for Mount Sima," she said.

Mount Sima remains closed but volunteers continue fundraising hoping it can reopen this winter.