Members of Whitehorse City Council have unanimously turned down the Mount Sima ski hill’s latest business plan, but they are urging citizens to come up with more ideas to save the facility.

The Great Northern Ski Society wanted the city to bail it out with $400,000, but its plans only managed to upset councillors.

Mike Gladish, who chaired the committee looking at the business plan, said it could result in higher taxes or service cuts to local residents. He said he would like to see more options.

"I want the hill to operate. I want it to be a good winter facility," he said.

"I can't support the business plan because it didn't seem to have any options for downsizing."

He said council did approve spending close to $200,000 last night to make the final payment on the hill's ski lift. Gladish said once that payment is made before the end of June, the city and ski society will own the $3 million lift.

Most council members expressed their support for the hill and hopes that it would remain in operation. They're calling on the community to come up with more options.

Kris Pekarik, a ski hill user and mother of two, came with her plan.

"Help support the core, the sport and rec component," she said. "Don't subsidize Wildplay, the private part of the investment. Look to that as a source of revenue over the longer term."