Whitehorse composer Daniel Janke is part of a production team shortlisted for an Academy Award.

Janke wrote the score and performed in the 11-minute animated film, “Subconscious Password.”

Daniel Janke

Daniel Janke is a composer, filmmaker and multi-media artist based in Whitehorse. (Facebook)

"The producer and I were laughing, because we were in the studio in Montreal and we were saying... the amount of music written for a 10-minute film is almost as much work as a feature,” Janke says. “It’s almost wall-to-wall music.”

The film, by director Chris Landreth and starring Don McKellar, is about the inner workings of a mind trying to remember someone's name at a party.

Subconscious Password

Subconscious Password has been shortlisted for an Oscar.

​Janke wrote three separate pieces of music for the film: a bilingual song, a double string quartet piece and a big band number, modelled on 1960's game shows music.

One of the songs was recorded in Whitehorse's Northern Town Film Studio.

It's called La Vie Est Belle, with vocals by Whitehorse's Helene Beaulieu.

"She sounds lovely, she's the only person who I imagine could sing this song," Janke says.

The National Film Board has posted a trailer for the film online.

Oscar nominations will be announced Jan. 16.

Meanwhile, Janke is keeping busy.

He’s been invited to the Sundance Film Festival, which starts this week, for this year's composer spotlight.