An over-the-top commercial for broadcasts of Whitehorse city council meetings has become a YouTube hit, garnering nearly 68,000 views since Monday.

Northwestel's community cable station put together the epic-style trailer, dubbing the meetings "the best three hours on Whitehorse television."

Chris McNutt is the station's manager.

"Our assignment is always, let's try to promote the things we do on community TV and try to bring a few more eyeballs to the channel."

The music and lens flares were inspired by trailers for the new Star Trek movie, said video editor Alex Chan.

"It's the big thing they use in trailers," he said. "JJ Abrams, he knows what's up."

David Hamelin, who also works at Whitehorse's Community Cable 9, was taken aback when the video took off on Youtube.

"Alex pulled it up on Youtube and it had jumped from last night; it was 500 hits and now it's at 35,000," he said. "I was like, ‘Oh, OK, something is going on.’"

Mayor Dan Curtis said he thinks it’s hilarious.

"The most boring people on Earth, and they make it look like it's CSI or Miami Vice or something, so they did a fantastic job."