Whitehorse Christmas garbage truck sold

Residents in Whitehorse are calling on City Council to replace the decorated garbage truck usually driven by an employee in a Santa suit over the Christmas holidays.

Some residents are calling on City Council to make sure the tradition continues.

Residents in Whitehorse are concerned a Christmas tradition may be cancelled.

For the past two decades, a city employee in a Santa suit drove the city streets in a decorated garbage truck during the holidays.

The Whitehorse Christmas garbage truck has been sold but resdidents say they want to see it back on the streets this season. (Facebook)

But this year, the garbage truck has been sold.

Mayor Dan Curtis says city council wants to see the tradition continue.

He said they are looking at a one ton truck as one alternative to the garbage truck.

"We’re working very hard with administration to find a compromise," he said. "But again, from my own personal perspective and the perspective of the councillors that I've had the opportunity to speak with and administration, nobody wants to see Santa Claus go away. We want it to continue."

That's doesn't sit well with City Councilor Betty Irwin. She says the garbage truck is one of kind.

"A garbage truck with Santa Claus inside, nobody else does this," she said. "It’s just a wonderful tradition and that's what I want to see kept is the garbage truck. There has been talk of doing it with a one ton pickup. And I have to say it’s not the same.

A Facebook  page called Save Our Santa now has 596 likes.

A decision on the Santa garbage truck will be made in the nick of time for Christmas at the City Council meeting on Nov. 26.