Whitehorse builder angry affordable housing project cancelled

Architect Antonio Zedda says he's still angry that his affordable housing project was one of three cancelled by the Yukon government with no notice after lobbying by landlords and realtors.

'It's just not a professional way of dealing with people,' says architect Antonio Zedda

Whitehorse architect Antonio Zedda's affordable housing project of micro-apartments was one of three projects abruptly cancelled by the Yukon government. (Antonio Zedda/Kobayashi and Zedda Architects)

One of the Whitehorse builders dumped from the Yukon government's recently cancelled affordable housing program wants to see the project revived.

Architect Antonio Zedda says he's still angry that his project was cancelled with no notice.

"It leaves a bad taste in my mouth," he said. "It's just not a professional way of dealing with people who spend a lot of time and effort putting together a qualified competent team to do good projects and provide affordable housing that's needed in the community."

Zedda's plans called for 27 so-called "micro-apartments" on a lot near the Whitehorse waterfront. He says the $6 million project was to receive a 40 per cent subsidy from the Yukon government's housing fund.

The government says the project was cancelled because of concerns raised by Yukon landlords and realtors.

"I think our next step is, once I've calmed down, to go meet the Housing Corporation and see if there is some way we can keep this project alive in some fashion because we still think this is a great project and we still want to invest in something like this," said Zedda.

A cabinet spokesperson says it's too early to discuss alternate plans for the housing fund.