Whitehorse city council has unanimously approved a $3.8 million reconstruction project for a downtown street.

The city plans to rebuild a four-block section of Ogilvie Street between Fourth Avenue to Eighth Avenue.

The plan includes a new water and sewer system, a paved street with curbs, gutters, and sidewalks and new street lighting.

The city expects to recover more than $475,000 from special frontage charges to local residents. A public survey reported just six of 54 residents opposed the reconstruction plan.

Mayor Dan Curtis says residents were ready for change. 

"Regardless of the extra cost, I think they see the value in it," he said. "They're really, really excited to see their neighbourhood improved upon and what I heard at the public hearing was it's about time.

"We can see the development happening all around that area of town and Ogilvie itself, so we're really really ecstatic that the citizens and businesses on Ogilvie overwhelmingly agreed that the work should be done."

Construction is expected to start in 2014.