A senior territorial official said there are no safety issues with the Whitehorse airport runway.

The NDP opposition has been raising questions in the legislature about the airport, saying people in the industry have approached the party with concerns.


A senior official with the Yukon government says there are no safety concerns about the Whitehorse airport runway. (Philippe Morin/CBC)

But Al Nixon, the head of the government's transportation division. said the concerns are not valid. Nixon added that airlines and their pilots have confidence in the airport's operations.

"In the years and especially in this past winter, we've not had any flights that were delayed or cancelled or didn't take off because of runway conditions. So the people in the seat that have the experience and know whether the conditions are safe or not take our information and apply it to their experience and make a decision," he said.

An Air Canada Jazz spokesperson confirmed the airline has no concerns about the Whitehorse airport. Joe Sparling, the president of Air North, agrees.

Transport Canada said it runs a comprehensive oversight program to ensure the territorial government follows safety rules.