Summer's approaching, and that means food trucks will soon be out in force on Whitehorse streets selling everything from burritos, to falafels, to fries.

The city has 11 designated sites for downtown vending this year and just like last year, a lottery system will determine who chooses first.

"I don't think all of them will be filled," said Ben Campbell, planner for the City of Whitehorse. 

"I think it's good to have more stalls that are available, because the ones that aren't filled through this lottery, they are available on sort of a first-come-first-serve throughout the rest of the summer. We've left it where, if a vendor sort of starts up mid-way through the summer, there are stalls available."

The vending stalls are divided between several locations around the city.

This year, there are new spots near the river. The Yukon government has made room for four stalls at the waterfront wharf across from the MacBride Museum. They'll be included in the city's lottery for sites.

Vendors have one more week to submit an application.