The acting foreman for Whati Public Works noticed black smoke coming from the garage after attending mass Thursday night.

"I went straight to the fire hall," said Leon Romie.

Romie took the fire truck out. By the time he arrived at the hamlet garage, "a whole bunch of people" had gathered, including at least one employee.

"I told him to take the water truck out," Romie said. "I told him to just drive through the big door and he did."

That water truck was saved, but another water truck, a sewage truck and a Bobcat were all destroyed in the blaze.

One water truck driver was medevaced to Yellowknife due to smoke inhalation. Romie said the employee is expected to fly back to Whati Friday or Sunday.

"My boss called me from Yellowknife and he's doing okay," said Romie. "The rest, everybody's okay."

The extent of the damage on the building has not been determined.

Romie said he is working with the fire marshal to figure out next steps.