Businesses in Nunavut's Kitikmeot region have partnered with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce to form a regional board of trade.

The organization represents all economic sectors in the region. It hopes to help individuals and businesses grow and take advantage of opportunities that can help boost the economy. 



Greg Holitzki, a director on the new Kitikmeot Regional Board of Trade, is also the senior administrative officer in Kugaaruk. 

"I see an opportunity for people to be able to take over contracts let's say the hamlets do, that they could do themselves or other things that you see in the community that a person could run their own business and make money," he said.

The new board of trade is based in Kugaaruk. It's teamed up with the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, the largest chamber of commerce in Canada.

"Nobody will be able to take those risks and make those business decisions better than the people on the ground," said Bobbi Menard, who works with the Edmonton organization. "With a strong chamber there to support those decisions, it just increases their chances of success."

Menard says she looks forward to working with business owners to help them reach their full potential.