An invitation and maybe a nicely-wrapped gift are all you need to attend most weddings.

But you'll need a ticket for Claire Ness and Pascal Dugas' wedding next month in Whitehorse — $50, or $60 if you stick around for a pancake breakfast. 

"We have so many friends between the two of us, that we kind of were thinking, 'how are we going to have a wedding?'," Ness said.

"We can't afford to have a big wedding, and feed everyone and all this."

Their solution?

"Wedstock" — essentially a music festival, with local bands, food trucks, circus performers, and some nuptials thrown into the mix.


Wedstock may not rival Woodstock, but 'I've been thinking about dressing as Joe Cocker,' Ness said. (Submitted by Claire Ness)

"It kind of was just the only option," Ness said. "Romantic and hilarious — my favourite things."

No charge, grandpa

The happy couple won't attempt to control or limit the guest list. Like any festival, tickets are available to anyone willing to buy, but Ness is not expecting Wedstock to rival Woodstock.

"I assume you're not going to come if you don't know me," she said.

Not everyone will need a ticket, either. They're willing to waive the admission fee for anybody flying in from afar ("so, I'm not charging my grandpa from New Zealand").

Ness says so far, people seem to love the idea. Relatives started making travel plans right away, she said.  

"People keep saying, 'it's just the first of many to come', [but] I go, 'I don't think I can get married again every year!'"

With files from Sandi Coleman