Watson Lake candidate will push for collapsible soccer net ban

A candidate running to be the mayor of Watson Lake, Yukon, said he will push for legislation to ban collapsible soccer nets after the death of a five-year-old girl this year.

Fred Statham only person to challenge incumbent mayor of Yukon town

Voters in Watson Lake, Yukon, will have a choice between two 51-year-old men for mayor.

While both the incumbent and the challenger share a birth year, they have different ideas about what the community needs.

Fred Statham moved to Watson Lake three years ago. He's the sole challenger to incumbent Richard Durocher.

Last year, Statham started the community's first food bank and soup kitchen. If elected, he promises to revitalize the airport and push for legislation to outlaw collapsible soccer nets, following the death of a five-year-old girl this summer.

"We need a mayor who has the compassion and charisma to get Jaedynn's Law passed," said Statham.

Incumbent Durocher is vying for a fourth term as mayor. He said his successes include work on the town's water and sewer systems, and a deal with the Yukon government on the community landfill.

Durocher said if re-elected, he will continue to listen to the people of Watson Lake.

"My door is always open and my office is anywhere I am," said Durocher.

Municipal voters go the polls on Oct. 18.